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The Cheapest Universities in Australia

Australian universities attract a large number of international students from all around the globe each year. Some of the best Australian universities are also ranked as some of the cheapest universities in Australia. So, with convenient pricing, an excellent academic standing, and a marvelous location – these universities will offer you a truly authentic Australian experience.

It is important to note that seven Australian universities are ranked in the top 100 universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, starting from the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Monash University, the Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and the University of Western Australia.

When it comes to the cheapest universities in Australia, the tuition fees vary slightly from course to course. Here’s a list of Australian universities with an affordable tuition fee per year in their undergraduate programs.

University of the Sunshine Coast

With flexible study options at a network of teaching locations, between Brisbane and the Fraser Coast, at the University of the Sunshine Coast, students are met with a friendly and supportive environment. The highly qualified teaching staff, modern technology, and individual attention are what make this university a well-known destination for international students. However, apart from that, what’s also important to note is that this university has some of the most affordable tuition fee prices for international students wishing to study in any of the courses this institution offers.

Tuition fee per year:

Business Degree: $24,000 annual fee

Science Degree: $28,000 annual fee

Arts Degree: $24,000 annual fee

University of Southern Queensland

Encouraging values regarding mutual respect, diversity, inclusion, relationships and community, this university believes that each student has a role to play in bringing values to the society. The founding campus is located in Toowoomba and it’s home to more than 4000 students. The other locations include, Springfield and Ipswich. The tuition fees per year in this university are as follows:

Tuition fee per year:

Business Degree: $24,400 annual fee

STEM Degree: $32,000 annual fee

Arts Degree: $24,400 annual fee

Charles Sturt University

This university is widely-known for its excellence in higher education. It has a well-researched curriculum and teaching methods, while maintaining high levels of satisfaction among graduates, employers, and partners. Many of the courses in this university offer the possibility of practicum opportunities for the first year of study, ensuring that their students have the needed skills for real-life situations. The tuition fees per year in this university are:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $28,224 annual fee

Science Degree: $30,400 annual fee

Theology Degree: $20,000 annual fee

Arts Degree: $19,600 annual fee

Computer Science Degree: $25,600 annual fee

Federation University Australia

Driven by excellence, this university is known by its desire in enhancing communities and transforming lives. This university has campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, and the Wimmera. A diverse university gathering over 24,000 domestic and international students, all aiming for the same goal. Federation University offers financial help for its students as well, textbook and laptop vouchers, and scholarships reaching $35,000. The tuition fees for international students at this university are as follows:

Tuition fee per year:

Business Degree: $25,500 annual fee

Engineering Degree: $28,800 annual fee

Information Technology Degree: $24,300 annual fee

Arts Degree: $21,600 annual fee

Science Degree: $27,800 annual fee

Southern Cross University

A multi-campus university in Australia’s east coast. It has a reputation of a progressive institution with branch campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Other campuses are located in southeast Queensland, New South Wales, and in Coffs Harbour. This university also delivers degrees with collaborators in China and Papua New Guinea.

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $25,200 annual fee

STEM Degree: $30,800 annual fee

Arts Degree: $25,200 annual fee

Australian Catholic University

An inclusive university that puts its students at the center of everything they do while ensuring they get the most notable study experience. Offering a large variety of courses that will give you the skills you need to excel in the job market and in life. This university also offers a wide range of scholarships, specifically for international students. The tuition fees for international students at the Australian Catholic University are as follows:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $28,248 annual fee

Arts Degree: $23,400 annual fee

Theology Degree: $22,720 annual fee

Psychology Degree: $23,624 annual fee

Charles Darwin University

Known as one of Australia’s most multicultural universities, Charles Darwin University offers its international students a comfortable and welcoming environment with qualified staff and an outstanding academic excellence. It is also ranked in the top five Australian universities for graduate employment and salary outcomes. The tuition fees for some of the courses in this university are as follows:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $26,776 annual fee

Arts Degree: $25,328 annual fee

Computer Science Degree: $29,616 annual fee

Law Degree: $26,968 annual fee

Science Degree: $32,336

University of New England

University of New England is known as Australia’s most experienced provider of distance education. Its focus is to provide personal and flexible approaches to learning with more than 200 courses and opportunities to study either online or on campus. The on campus accommodation at this university also has some of the cheapest prices, starting from $150 per week. The tuition fees per year in some of the most sought for courses, are:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $26,250 annual fee

STEM Degree: $29,400 annual fee

Arts Degree: $24,990 annual fee

Western Sydney University

Aiming to reach unlimited potential, this university has located its campuses in some of the most convenient settings. The campuses range from Liverpool CBD, Parramatta City, Campbelltown, Bankstown and all the way to Sydney City. They are ranked in the top 2% of universities globally, meaning this university’s success-oriented goals are something to be admired. The tuition fees per year in some of the courses in this university are as follows:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $28,080 annual fee

Computer Science Degree: $30,840 annual fee

Engineering Science Degree: $33,000 annual fee

Arts Degree: $26,240 annual fee

Victoria University

There are over 40,000 students enrolled in higher education, vocational education, and training programs at this university’s campuses. This university has a world-class education system, therefore those enrolled at this university can be assured that their degrees will be highly valued in the job market, world-wide. The tuition fees for international students annually, range as follows:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $29,000 annual fee

Arts Degree: $25,600 annual fee

Engineering Degree: $33,500 annual fee

Information Technology Degree: $29,600 annual fee

Law Degree: $29,600 annual fee


This university has experienced a great growth in the recent years, be it in their student number, variety of courses, as well as in its infrastructure and campuses. CQ University aims to become Australia’s most engaged university with a special focus on connecting and collaborating with students, industries, and communities. It places great value in decision-making and problem-solving. The tuition fees in three of the most sought after courses are as follows:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $28,740 annual fee

Arts Degree: $26,880 annual fee

Science Degree: $32,760 annual fee

James Cook University

This university if widely known and appreciated all around the world. It’s the second oldest university in Queensland, known for its expertise in teaching and research. The main campuses are located in Cairns and Townsville. It has over 13,000 students out of which 1,500 are international students. The annual tuition fees for some of the courses at this university are:

Tuition fee per year

Business Degree: $30,400 annual fee

Arts Degree: $30,080 annual fee

Law Degree: $32,280 annual fee

Science Degree: $37,360 annual fee