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Almost 84 percent employers in Australia are satisfied with graduate students, survey reveals

86.3 percent of surveyed Australian employers claimed to be very satisfied with their postgraduate students employees, the annual report of ESS revealed.

The survey comprised 97,481 international and domestic students who told the ESS they were employed. Just 9,022 of them gave enough contact details of their supervisors, an increase by 7 percent when compared with 2016. However the team could only get 4,348 valid surveys from supervisors, a percentage of 48.2 of them.

The survey was filled online and by the phone; 2,081 of valid surveys were completed online and 2,267 completed over the phone.

In overall, employers seem to be very satisfied, with 83.6 percent declared to be satisfied with Australian graduate students.

The report pays an important look at employers satisfaction with students coming from particular academic levels.

As the graph below shows, 86.7 percent of employers are content with their Postgraduate research employees and less content with coursework postgraduates(82.3 %).

Postgraduate research students were specially applauded for their adapting skills. 95.2 percent of surveyed employers said they were satisfied with Postgraduate research students’ adapting abilities on what they were asked to do. While with Postgraduate coursework students the satisfaction over adapting abilities were at 90.5 percent.

Employers were also content with postgraduates’ technical skills. 96.4 percent of the respondent employers were satisfied with Postgraduates research employees’ technical skills .

This survey is yet another argument that Australian educational system is very effective at the moment. The country have already surpassed a half million of foreign students in 2017. With it steadily growing pace of these students they may soon be at the top. In addition 6 Australian universities are ranked in top 100 best universities world’s actual rankings. So is fair to say Australia is about to leave its mark on international education.

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