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Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Studying abroad is a dream for many. It is supposed to be a life changing experience which will push your intellectual boundaries far and will take you on an exciting personal adventure.

Long gone are the days when your options to study abroad were limited and your decision was already in place. Today the international higher education market is highly decentralized and many countries are emerging as particularly attractive.

However, choosing a study destination which will help you to live up to your career expectations and provide an emotional fulfillment remains a priority still. That in mind, you must take into account several factors before making a decision about where to study abroad.

Australia ranks among the three most popular study abroad destinations in the world. Current official statistics show that there are over 400,000 international students coming from all around the world. Thus, if you’re an ambitious student who has a clear vision upon your future career, Australia must be on your top list.

Given below are a set of reasons as per why you would choose Australia as your study abroad destination

Globally Ranked Universities

To some respect, the main reason you prefer to study abroad is getting a globally recognized degree. Among everything, highly ranked universities have been the major driver of international enrollment in Australia in recent years. From some kind of ordinary universities, they have gone a long way to join today’s global leaders in higher education.

Australia is home to a large number of universities. Many of them have built a global reputation and regularly make into the list of best universities in the world. Australia is especially proud of eight outstanding universities which comprise the famous Group of Eight.

The following universities are part of the Group of Eight (Go8):

  • The University of Western Australia
  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Melbourne
  • UNSW Sydney
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Sydney

In addition, the number of available degrees is huge. No matter your academic interests and goals it is for certain that you’re going to find the degree of your dreams in Australia. Their study programs are valued for a unique forward-looking approach, with a great emphasis in the practicality and they’re under constant revision to make sure they meet the demands of the job market.

Affordable Costs

The high cost of studying abroad is the most typical concern for international students. Fortunately, you can rest assured that this is not going to be a major problem for you in Australia. Compared to other popular study destinations, like the US and the UK, the cost of studying in Australia is much affordable.  Moreover, in other countries it is likely that you won’t be able to rely all on your personal funds to study

Tuition fees are relatively low. From a general point of view they change depending on the university of your choice and several elements including your nationality and the type of your degree course. But, from a global perspective, tuition fees in Australia are under standards maintained in other top study destinations. In addition the cost of living in Australia is quite affordable.

Even if you still think of studying in Australia as having a relatively high price, it is still worth the cost taking into consideration its long-term positive effects in your professional and personal life.

Part-time work

Current existing laws in Australia allow international students to work part-time up to a certain number of hours per week. Thus in addition to having an affordable cost of living, Australia offers several options to support yourself financially.

Working part-time is typical for international students. Even if your financial standing is good a part-time job can provide you with a set of additional advantages. Often times a working experience is required by your study program. In one hand will help you earn some much needed money to complement your personal budget and on the other hand will engage you in a unique experience. You will get to know different people, challenge yourself and acquire useful skills.

Lucky for you, there are many student jobs in Australia and finding one is actually an easy task. You can either use online sources or seek a job in person. Remember that universities in Australia have an office incorporated in their campuses dedicated to deal with international students’ needs and concerns. They maintain a strong relationship with local employers and surely will help you reach them.


If you’re a dedicated student who aims for a one percent focus in your studies, but you worry about your finances there is still an option left. There are many available scholarships for international students in Australia and you can easily find one.

Funding programs for international students in Australia use different financial sources including governmental and non-governmental organizations. Also, they’re awarded to students using different selection criteria so chances are high you’re going to fit for any of them.

Among many scholarship programs in Australia for international students Australia Awards Scholarships, the Research Training Program (RTP) and Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships (AAPS) are worth mentioning. At the same time, many Australian universities maintain individual scholarship programs for their excellent students.

English Language

Be it in a local or global context, your English skills today play an important role in your academic and professional success. What is a better way of improving your English proficiency then attending university in an English-speaking country? Except for university lectures which are fully taught in English, in Australia, you’re going to often engage with locals and this will cause your English fluency to improve significantly.

We must, however, warn you for some small difficulties you might encounter at the beginning due to some unique features of Australian English. It is normal that every language develops under the local context and so does the Australian English. Plus Australia is a big country and these differences are expected.  For example, one common slang phrase you’re going to hear often will be “Arvo” which stands for “Afternoon”.

International Experience

Home to over 400,000 international students and many other expats Australia promises to offer you a unique international student experience like no other place. You’re going to meet people from all around the world and get exposed to a wide range of cultures and native customs you probably have thought you would never get to know.  Perhaps with many of them you will engage in person and some may even turn into your long term friends. In the end, this is going to make your time in Australia and an unforgettable experience. The traits of this multicultural society are displayed in every aspect of life in Australia and your time there will pretty much be like a day-to-day adventure.

Beautiful Country

Studying abroad is not (and shall not) be all about getting a foreign degree. We sincerely don’t believe your story about studying in Australia would be complete if you would travel from the other corner of the world and you would not visit any of its top attraction. Far from home in a completely different environment there is much to experience and you can’t let this opportunity slip off your hands especially if Australia is your study destination. Australia is widely known as a place of huge natural contrast and wonderful sights worth visiting. In addition, the country boasts an amazing range of wildlife and for animal enthusiasts Australia a land of dreams.

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