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Top Psychology Universities in Australia

Studying Psychology in some of the best universities in Australia will highly benefit your future career. The country’s global reputation of offering the proper support of studying abroad makes top-ranked psychology universities in Australia attract thousands of international students to pursue their bachelor studies. With a degree in psychology, you will have a plethora of job options to choose from. A high employability rate, affordable tuition, and excellent living standards are only some of the reasons why studying Psychology in Australia will be the best decision you will ever make. 

Here are the top psychology universities in Australia:

1. The University of Melbourne 

As the number one Psychology university in Australia and one of the best in the world, the University of Melbourne produces some of the most notable alumni. It offers a large number of courses you can choose from. At this university, you can begin your journey with a Bachelor of Psychology, where you will develop analytical skills and learn about the different stages of human behavior. For those who want to advance further and become qualified psychologists, you can complete a Master of Psychology in the field of your choice. Courses such as the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedicine, and Bachelor of Science are some of the undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Melbourne.

2. University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney is considered the oldest university for Psychology. It holds the reputation as one of the most renowned universities for psychology, and it ranked fourth in the world for its employability rate. Students are allowed to tackle the research field from the first year of their Bachelor’s Program. You will spend the first three years of the program studying numerous subjects that will fully prepare you for your dream career. From a wide range of options to choose from, a few worth mentioning are the Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Science with the possibility of a double degree, and numerous others. During the fourth year (Honour program), you will be required to complete a research project in a specialized area of your choice. The University of Sydney also offers Master’s programs in Clinical Psychology, where you can also get a Ph.D. and Master of Science in Coaching Psychology.

3. Swinburne University

Known for its high-quality teaching methods, The University of Swinburne offers students the chance to learn the discipline through practice. This university’s program is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council which includes the initial three-year studies. Swinburne University aims to ensure a safe, professional future for all the graduates by granting them access to the largest psychology clinic in Australia. Swinburne University offers programs in a wide array of fields, including Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychology, and Forensic Sciences, Psychology, and Psychophysiology, to name a few.

4. Monash University

Ranked 7th in Australia and among 100 universities in the world for psychology studies, Monash University is recognized for attracting students who have a passion for understanding human behavior. The professional success of the lecturers at this university will encourage students to develop deeper knowledge about various aspects of psychological science. After graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology, students will be able to apply for a Postgraduate Diploma. At Monash University, there are various core and major courses to choose from, including Introduction to Research Method, Brain and Behavior, Fundamentals of Psychology, Foundations of Statistics, Cognition, and Human Performance.

5. The University of New South Wales

The Faculty of Science in UNSW is distinguished for its highly qualified academic staff. Getting a degree in Psychology at this university means you will be trained and guided by expert supervisors. The University of New South Wales offers a flexible study program that opens the doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Ranked 21st in the world for psychology studies, this university is accredited for a four-year undergraduate program, including a research project so that you can earn honors. Some of the noteworthy undergraduate and graduate degrees that you can take at the University of South Wales are Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), Bachelor of Arts and Business, Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Laws, as well as Ph.D. degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

6. The University of Queensland

Like the other universities in this list, the University of Queensland is also one of the best universities to study psychology. Studying at this university will equip you with the required skills so you can develop and grow professionally. International students from more than 100 nations worldwide choose this university to pursue their Bachelor of Psychological Science and Science Honours degrees. Because of its reputation as a diverse environment, the University of Queensland provides students with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. After you finish the three-year undergraduate degree, you will enroll in postgraduate programs, including Doctorates in Clinical Neuropsychology, Psychology, and Geropsychology. Additionally, the university offers Graduate Diplomas of Psychological Practice on Clinical Neuropsychology, Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Health Psychology, Organisational Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Psychology. 

7. The Australian National University 

The psychology program at ANU is a great fit for students who are determined to pursue a postgraduate degree in psychological sciences and are focused on becoming successful clinical psychologists. As one of the world’s most renowned universities for psychology, their focus is the students’ engagement in lectures and gaining knowledge of leadership at a professional level. The Bachelor of Science and Psychology allows the students to explore the concepts and challenges of the field. One of the biggest advantages of studying psychology at this university is the partially paid tuition fee by the Australian Government and the student is required to pay the rest. The Australian National University offers a wide range of bachelor’s degrees as well as double degrees. Worth mentioning are the Bachelor of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Science, Bachelor of Commerce and Science, Bachelor of Economics, and several others. 

8. Charles Sturt University 

At Charles Sturt University, they take pride in ensuring a high-quality education for all those who decide to study the science of psychology. Considering the world-renowned academic staff and their professional success as experienced psychologists, students attend a few of the most advanced courses in Australia. These courses are available for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Social Science, Diploma of Psychological Studies, Graduate Diploma of Psychology, and a few Master’s Degrees in psychological science. There are three available campuses for students to choose from such as Port Macquarie, Bathurst, and Wagga Wagga.

9. Deakin University

Deakin University is an excellent choice to study psychology, especially if you are passionate about the field. In comparison to other universities listed in this article, at Deakin University, you have the alternative to enroll in classes of specialization in psychology while simultaneously getting an undergraduate degree. You can either get a three-year undergraduate degree with an additional psychology major and postgraduate program or attend a four-year honors program. Deakin University is also known for its successful alumni who hold a reputation for getting employed in some of the most well-known institutions around the world. Undergraduate

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Health Sciences are only a few of the undergraduate degrees offered at Deakin University. Moreover, there are some postgraduate degrees you can enroll in, such as Graduate Certificate of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, or Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced). degrees

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