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Top Art Universities in Australia

Choosing to get an Arts degree in Australia will guarantee you an outstanding college experience. This field of study will introduce you to new ideas and improve your way of thinking. Numerous advantages come with obtaining a degree in Australia, including countless job opportunities. With a degree in the field of Arts, you can never go wrong. Whether you have a profession you want to pursue afterward or not, you will have gained the freedom to apply all the knowledge in different aspects of your life.

Here are some of the top Art Universities in Australia:

1. University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney is ranked as the 11th best global university for arts and humanities. The academic staff at this university are constantly uplifting students, and they try to follow the ideology of keeping an open mind when it comes to students’ opinions and/or questions. According to the alumni, the classes at USYD tend to be very enjoyable, and the main focus is on strengthening your critical and analytical skills.

There are multiple courses to choose from when you decide to get a bachelor’s degree at USYD. The approximately 70 majors to get a degree in include English, International Relations, Philosophy, Sociology, History, and a language from the many selections they offer.

2. University of Melbourne

At the University of Melbourne, there are plenty of advantages you, as a student, can benefit from. Initially, students from many nationalities come together and help each other receive the best education possible. Moreover, with high-quality teaching and courses, the University of Melbourne is recognized for hosting some of the most gifted and hard-working students. 

Apart from the very valuable lectures and classes, the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts provides the students with so much more.  An experience full of networking and clubs, endless possibilities to find yourself and explore the opportunities that a degree in creative arts can offer.

3. Australian National University

The Australian National University includes the School of Art & Design, a popular and sought-after program for creative and motivated candidates. Research skills are the main focus in this university; consequently, the students are taught how to think critically and behave like professional researchers. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts at ANU, the students have a wide array of job prospects to choose from. You can decide to work in education, publishing, media and communication, and many other areas.

4. University of Queensland Australia

For students aiming to create a successful career in the field of Art, the University of Queensland Australia should be one of the main choices. At this university, students obtain the knowledge and skills to enter the industry of art with confidence and professionalism. The program equips students with a deeper understanding of the field, so they can implement it in their future careers.

Among the almost 40 courses offered at UQA, languages such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, or even Latin are the cherry on top. Furthermore, the University of Queensland gives students the option to combine their undergraduate degrees with other unrelated programs available.

5. Monash University

Monash University is where students are allowed to express their ideas and opinions freely while simultaneously adapting them to the newly obtained skills. Studying to get a degree in the Fine Arts at Monash, you will be introduced to a new open-minded concept of learning. They are highly focused on creating a welcoming and collaborative environment for both students and the academic staff.

As part of the experience, the lectures at this university are taught by world-renowned lecturers, who are always ready to cooperate. The passion and desire for work at this university are easily conveyed to the students through the courses and creative classes.

6. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is recognized for producing very successful alumni in various fields of Arts. Aiming to bring the best out of their students, their mentality is all about finding and exploring new teaching methods. Their approach is focused on attracting students who are willing to mix work with passion by encouraging them to showcase their best qualities.

International relations, politics, European studies, and history are only a few of the programs you can take as part of the Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Considering their partnership with over 200 international universities, the students can enroll in an exchange program abroad.

7. Western Sydney University 

Getting a degree at the Western Sydney University means creating a bright future for yourself in the Arts area of specialization. If you are a person who is in constant need of change and aspires to make the world a better place, this university might be the perfect match. Western Sydney University is ranked at the top 20 universities for influencing the quality of education.

The Bachelor of Arts is a three-year degree, a qualification sufficient enough for graduates to apply for the job of their dreams. Western Sydney University also offers students the possibility to complete a semester or term abroad.

8. Griffith University 

In comparison to other universities that offer the program of Arts Degree, The Griffith University gives you space and chance to choose the courses according to your interests. With a degree at Griffith University, you will gain great communication and critical thinking skills, and you will be able to pursue a career in any industry where leadership is appreciated.

In the last year of your studies, you will be required to complete an internship or any work-related program, so you can be prepared for the demands of the job market.

9. University of Technology Sydney 

The UTS mantra is to implement creative skills and practices into everyday life. Where everyone’s opinion matters, the University of Technology Sydney attempts to create an environment of spiritual and mental connection between the scholars. Studying the field of Art at UTS means you will have the opportunity to meet famous artists and participate in exciting social gatherings.

The UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences programs include education, communication, and studies in international relations. UTS aims to prepare and train students for their careers in the real world, where they can exhibit their abilities in different areas. 

10. RMIT University 

The school of Art at the RMIT University holds a reputation for being one of the top Art Schools in Australia. In the field of Art & Design, RMIT is focused mainly on the areas of photography, sound, contemporary art, and crafts. Their unconventional approach towards students’ learning methods has helped them attract up-and-coming experts and scholars.

Focused on perfecting their research projects, the RMIT university cooperates with international and global partners to exchange ideas. At this university, you will be able to have open discussions with other students and colleagues, aiming to improve through peer feedback and constructive criticism.

11. Deakin University 

At Deakin University, they are strong believers that combining your talent and passion can make a great future career. For the Bachelor of Arts undergraduates, they recommend doing research and exploring various areas of specialization initially to avoid making a rash decision. The classes are focused on teamwork and discussions to introduce the students to real-life work experience beforehand.

There are more than 35 options of courses to choose from, including education, journalism, criminology, politics, and international relations, to name a few. You will be taught by a teaching staff who are additionally still practicing their profession outside of the university.

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