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Study Marketing in Australia: Best Universities, Benefits, and More

Whether you’re a creative individual or you prefer crunching numbers, the field of marketing is the perfect combination of the two. As more and more companies invest in their marketing efforts, working in marketing seems to be an in-demand and fast-growing career. 

Studying marketing is one of the best ways to gain theoretical and practical knowledge that will prepare you for the job market. Considering the quality education that Australian universities offer, studying marketing here is a good investment towards your future. 

Below, we will share everything you need to know about the benefits of studying marketing in Australia, program fees & structures, and the best universities that offer this program.

Benefits of Studying Marketing in Australia

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of Australian and international companies saw the importance of digital transformation and, consequently, digital marketing. As competition grows among industries, promoting products and services through marketing is critical. 

Here are some benefits of studying marketing in Australia:

  • Job Demand. According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, Advertising and Marketing Professionals are categorised as a very high skill level occupation that is expected to grow strongly by 11.4% during the November 2021-November 2026 period.
  • Prestigious Universities. When it comes to higher education, Australia is home to prestigious universities that, among other subjects, have some excellent marketing programs. Studying marketing in Australia means that you’ll have access to some of the best learning facilities and opportunities, as well as you’ll be taught by renowned professors. 
  • Practical Experience. Many universities collaborate with industry experts so students can gain practical insight and learn from the experiences of professionals who are already working in a field. 

Another benefit of studying marketing in Australia is that you will have the opportunity to adjust your degree to your liking and specialise in courses that you find interesting or beneficial to your future career.

Careers with a Marketing Degree

Marketing is a versatile field with applications in various sectors and industries, and a marketing degree will prepare you with skills that you can apply to numerous different roles. Such skills include data analysis and data analytics skills, communication, project management, marketing theories, market research, and more. 

Some of the roles you can work in after completing your marketing degree include:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Events Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Advertising Art Director

Entry Requirements for Marketing Degrees in Australia

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in marketing, you will have to satisfy certain criteria set by the university. Each university has its own requirements and prerequisites; therefore, you will have to check with the university you are applying to for more information. 

In general, undergraduate and postgraduate marketing degree programs in Australia require a certain level of English proficiency and mathematics knowledge. These can range from university to university, however, for English proficiency, most universities require a minimum 6.5 IELTS (Academic) overall score with no band scores less than 6.0 or equivalent approved test results. As for mathematics, some degree programs require assumed Mathematics advanced knowledge, VCE Unit 3 or 4 Specialist or Further Mathematics, or another equivalent. 

For undergraduate degrees, most universities require the successful completion of an Australian Year 12 or equivalent senior secondary school qualification. Master’s degree program entry requirements usually include the completion of an Australian bachelor’s or bachelor’s honours degree in a cognate discipline, as well as English proficiency results that are similar or higher to the undergraduate degree requirements.

Cost of Marketing Degrees in Australian Universities

Tuition costs can vary from one university to another, as well as depending on the type of degree you plan to study. You should also keep in mind that course fees do not account for additional fees such as enrollment fees and textbook fees. 

In 2023, tuition fees for marketing bachelor’s degrees at the top universities for this field range from AUD 33,168 to AUD 49,000 per year. Master’s degree program fees can range from AUD 37,000 to AUD 49,200. 

Here is an overview of the costs for some of the undergraduate marketing degree options at the top Australian universities for this field:

Monash UniversityBachelor of MarketingAUD 49,200 per year
The University of MelbourneBachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)AUD 46,000 per year
Australian National UniversityBachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)AUD 33,168 per year
RMIT UniversityBachelor of Business (Marketing major)AUD 40,320 per year
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)AUD 45,340 per year
Deakin UniversityBachelor of Marketing (Psychology)AUD 36,800 per year
University of South AustraliaBachelor of Business (Marketing major)AUD 34,300 per year

If you’re interested in a master’s degree in marketing, here are the fees for master’s marketing programs at some of the best Australian universities where you can study this field:

Monash UniversityMaster of Applied MarketingAUD 50,000 per year
The University of MelbourneMaster of Marketing CommunicationsAUD 40,768 per year
Australian National UniversityMaster of Marketing ManagementAUD 46,680 per year
RMIT UniversityMaster of MarketingAUD 43,200 per year
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Master of Commerce (Marketing specialisation)AUD 48,690 per year
Deakin UniversityMaster of Commerce (Marketing specialisation)AUD 41,600 per year
University of South AustraliaMaster of Management (Marketing specialisation)AUD 37,700 per year

* All fees presented above are indicative and apply only to international students.

Marketing Degree Program Structures

Bachelor’s degree and honour’s programs will typically last three to four years full-time and are divided into six to eight semesters. Full-time master’s degree programs are usually two years long or one and a half years if accelerated.

Most undergraduate degree programs have general education units that focus on core marketing topics and key concepts, courses that are related to your major, and elective courses that offer advanced knowledge on specific topics. If the program you attend is more general, such as Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce, you can specialise in marketing by choosing it as your major. 

Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses can have capstone courses, portfolios, or practicums that are mandatory in demonstrating the knowledge and skills gained throughout your studies.

Some examples of courses that can be part of undergraduate marketing degree programs include:

  • Principles of Economics
  • Marketing Principles
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Business and Society
  • Media Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Analytics and Big Data

Postgraduate degree programs can include courses such as:

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • Data Visualisation and Communication for Business Professionals
  • Global Marketing

Best Universities to Study Marketing in Australia

While there are many world-renowned universities in Australia, we have compiled a list of some of the Australian universities that offer the best marketing programs. Below you will find these universities, along with some of the marketing-related undergraduate and postgraduate programs you can study there:

Monash University

Monash University ranks in the top 100 global universities and as such, provides excellent marketing undergraduate and postgraduate programs for you to choose from:

  • Bachelor of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Science major)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing and Communication major)
  • Graduate Certificate of Marketing and Digital Communications
  • Master of Applied Marketing
  • Master of Business (Marketing specialisation)
  • Master of Marketing and Digital Communications

The University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne has earned its way into the top three Australian universities, with a reputation for excellence in research and education. Some marketing programs you can choose from at this university include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)
  • Master of Digital Marketing
  • Master of Management (Marketing)
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Marketing Communications
  • Doctoral Program in Marketing

Australian National University (ANU)

Ranked as the best university in Australia in 2022, the Australian National University (ANU) is part of the group of eight universities and the home of six Nobel laureates. Here are some of the high-quality marketing programs that ANU offers:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (Marketing Honours specialisation)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Marketing Honours specialisation)
  • Graduate Diploma of Business (Marketing specialisation)
  • Master of Marketing Management
  • Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Marketing specialisation)

RMIT University

As a global university of technology, design, and enterprise, RMIT University is another outstanding educational institution in Australia, with a great focus on industry placements & graduate employability. You can choose from the following marketing degree programs at RMIT University:

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)
  • Bachelor of Business Professional Practice (Marketing major)
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing
  • Master of Advertising
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Business (Economics, Finance & Marketing)
  • PhD (Economics, Finance & Marketing)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

With more than 63,000 students from 132 countries from all over the world, the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) is the perfect study destination for future marketing students. Ranked in the top 50 universities in the world, UNSW Sydney offers these study programs in marketing:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)
  • Graduate Certificate in Commerce
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing specialisation)
  • Master of Analytics (Marketing Analytics) (Online)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Marketing

Deakin University

An institution of world-class research and multiple awards in education, Deakin University is a progressive institution with plenty of opportunities for future marketing students:

  • Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major)
  • Graduate Certificate of Marketing
  • Graduate Certificate of Marketing Technology
  • Graduate Certificate of Business (Arts and Cultural Management)
  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing specialisation)
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing specialisation)
  • Master of Business (Arts and Cultural Management)
  • Master of Research (Business)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Business and Law)

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is a young but ambitious university with world-class and above research. UniSA is home to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, so you can rest assured that you will be learning from and around experienced marketing professionals. The marketing undergraduate and graduate programs offered here include:

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)
  • Bachelor of Marketing and Communication
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing
  • Master of Management (Advertising and Brand Management)
  • Master of Management (Marketing)
  • International Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Master of Research (Marketing)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing)

As the use of the internet and social media is on the rise, the importance of marketing in its many shapes and forms has increased as well. As a marketing professional, you will be able to tackle the many complexities of this field, and what better way to learn how to solve them than by deciding to study marketing in Australia, one of the most developed and forward-thinking countries in the world.

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