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Study Abroad in Australia With Children

Becoming a parent is surely the most emotional moment in your life, but it also comes with countless responsibilities. Your entire perspective over matters of life changes instantly and this can also mean considering your education goals.

Studying abroad is challenging for everyone. Living far from home in a totally different and unexplored environment while trying to keep the pace with your studies and personal obligations is difficult. Imagine how hard would be for me that in addition to all that I will have to take care of my child, you might be thinking.

Despite it is difficult, in today’s world, giving up from your dream of studying abroad because you have a child has to be just an excuse. There are plenty of study choices which help you alleviate this kind of barriers and help you achieve your education goals. Australia is surely on that list. In the end, you won’t be the first mom or dad to ever study abroad in Australia while having a little toddler to take care of.

However, challenges remain and you need to put the right effort and a detailed plan to overcome those obstacles that studying abroad in Australia with child confronts you. It is very important you give a thought to these matters early enough so you don’t get stuck struggling to find a balance between your parental obligations and studies. Remember, there’s no need to setback from your personal educational goals so here we have covered everything you need to know about this issue.


Accommodation must be your top priority when planning to study abroad in Australia with a child. As an adult, you can make whatever compromises you want with your personal preferences and financial capacities, but your kid won’t. He is in demand of a well-suited living environment which is safe and provides enough space for him to play. That said, the dormitory is excluded as an option to accommodate. Dorm rooms have limited space and you are going to share it with other students, which makes it impossible to deliver the treat for your kid. Sharing an apartment is not an option either.

What things do you need to look for in your apartment in Australia? Space is the first element your accommodation research should be based on. Although it has a higher cost you must always try to find an apartment with medium to large size. In that case, you will be able to easily arrange everything in its place. Also, you must see if rooms are well-furnished and there is little noise around the apartment.

Location of Your Apartment

You must also pay attention to what location you’re finding accommodation. At this point, you must consider several factors like the proximity of your university with your apartment or the surrounding. It is recommended you rent an apartment which is near to your university because it provides with a wide range of advantages. For example, if it happens that you are carrying your kid with yourself at the university and you realize that you have forgotten something important you can turn back fast. Or if you hire a nanny to take care of your kid while you’re attending lectures and the baby needs something you can reach immediately.

The surroundings must also play a role in your selection. You cannot expect to keep your kid within four walls all day long. Parks and playground areas are areas where you can go for a walk and spend time with your kid. Also, you must see if the zone you want to reside has many shops where you can buy everything you need without having to commute elsewhere.

Should I hire a nanny?

This is a common question moms studying abroad in Australia often make. It is all upon your personal choice, but it is for sure that sometimes you’re going to need assistance from somebody else. While abroad, there may not be any other family member to help you with this issue and close friends may not be available. On such occasions, you have no other options rather than hiring a nanny to take care of your kid.

Should I send my child to kindergarten?

If your kid is of a certain age, you might also consider sending to a kindergarten nearby your location. Such a decision can provide you with several benefits. First, it can allow you to share some time for yourself and enjoy time with your friends while having peace of mind that your kid is in safe hands. Kindergarten can also benefit the child because he will be interacting with other children and play with them.

Before deciding to which kindergarten you want to send your kid, you must see if what they offer matches your personal schedule. There are two ways you can collect information for this issue: you can either check by yourself or ask other parents for their recommendations. There are many online forums where parents discuss these problems and they won’t hesitate to give you advice.

Overseas Student Health Cover

By law, you’re required to get health insurance while studying abroad in Australia to cover the medical needs of your own self and your dependents (your kids, spouse, etc.). Basically, Overseas Student Health Cover is designed to cover a set of basic medical needs, including doctor visits, ambulance cover and some medicines.

If you want to cover additional medical needs, for you and your children, Australia offers a wide range of Overseas Student Health Cover packages each covering specified medical needs included in that particular health insurance product.

If you think that none of OSHC medical insurance packages covers all your medical needs, then you can consider purchasing private health insurance. There is a wide range of private health insurance policies so it is recommended you make sure that it covers all your medical needs.

International schools

If you’re studying abroad in Australia and your child reaches the age to go to school you have plenty of options at this point. There are many state schools and international schools in Australia and each of them offers high-quality education. But you’re probably interested in choosing one that will help your kid adapt fast and learn effectively. Although state schools in Australia provide an excellent teaching quality and are for free, expats seem to prefer more international schools.

International schools consist of students coming from different parts of the world and as such your child will be exposed to a lot of different languages, cultures and customs. This will account for a unique international experience to your child. Also, study programs offered in international schools are based on globally recognized curriculums. On top of that, international schools organize a lot of extracurricular activities which enrich the overall learning experience of your child.

Working while Studying Abroad in Australia with Child?

Except you have been awarded a scholarship or a similar grant, the cost of studying in Australia is not that easy to afford. It can get even harder to afford it if you’re studying while having a child to take care of 24/7. That said, it is likely you will have to rely on other funds to accommodate your personal needs and the needs of your kids.

Note that there are several organizations which award scholarships and grants for parents who study abroad in Australia with children. If you’re eligible for any of them never hesitate to get one because it helps you afford the cost of studying abroad.

Although your time while studying abroad in Australia with a child is very limited, at some point you might have to consider working part-time to earn some much-needed extra money. However, this is not something you must do when your kid is a little baby and your constant care is irreplaceable.

If you’re studying along with your spouse or wife you can share responsibilities and cover each other when the family needs money. With a little effort from both of you, it is easy to find a balance between your studies and your family. In the end, studying abroad in Australia with a child will surely take sacrifices, but for sure will lead to a better life afterward.

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