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Most Employable Degrees in Australia 2019

Knowing the most employable degrees in Australia surely helps a lot when choosing a program, especially in one of the highest ranked universities in Australia. Famous for its natural wonders and beautiful beaches, Australia is also known world-wide for its academically excellent universities and the high rate of employability. Seven of Australia’s universities are on the top 100 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, with the others following not far behind.

Although it is important to follow your passion when choosing a degree, sometimes you need to know exactly what the employability rate of that degree is – in order to help shape the future you want. Some of the most employable degrees in Australia range from 97.5% employed undergraduates and below. Meanwhile, the employment rate for the year 2019, according to the Graduate Outcomes Survey Results is 72.2%, for undergraduates in full-time employment and the overall employment rate of undergraduates is 86.8%.

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