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Cheapest Places to Live in Australia

The high quality of education and the cultural diversity are two of the top reasons why international students choose Australia to pursue their qualification. Another reason is that the cost of living in Australia is relatively affordable, when compared to the other major study destinations. Besides, being a student in Australia means getting to live near the coast and enjoy the beaches and the culture that this country provides. Talk about fun!

However, with tuition fees, rent, and additional everyday expenses, an essential part of moving abroad to pursue a degree, or for any other purpose, is knowing how to manage your finances. This is why it is important to learn more about the living costs as well as the cheapest places to live in Australia, before heading towards the land Down Under.

Here are some of the cheapest places to live in Australia:

1. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the most affordable cities to live in Australia. Apart from the high quality of education and academia, this city is also known for being budget-friendly. With its glorious beaches and nightlife, the Gold Coast offers internationals the perfect study-social life combination, while also allowing them to save up on finances. When it comes to tuition fees, the Bond University in this city is known to have some of the highest tuition fees in the country. However, with proper accommodation on university campuses or shared housing, the problem of spending on rent could be reduced to an extent, so you can balance out your finances.

2. Wollongong

With plenty of opportunities to hike, explore, and simply enjoy a picturesque life, Wollongong is one of the most popular choices for students who cannot afford the high living costs in Sydney. Wollongong is situated conveniently only 80 km away from Sydney, but it is just as lively and explore-worthy as the city. Students may choose to live in Wollongong while being enrolled in one of the universities in Sydney, for better financial management. Living here would mean you would get the best of both worlds, enjoying a low-cost accommodation as well finding entertainment in the beautiful beaches and atmosphere this city has to offer.

3. Adelaide

Adelaide is also among the cheapest cities to live in, when compared to the major cities in Australia. Although the cost of accommodation is cheaper outside of the city centre, getting around in this city isn’t really a problem. The public transport connects all parts of the city, and depending on the university you are enrolled in, it might as well be more convenient for you to find accommodation in the suburbs. However, it must be noted that the overall cost of living in this city is more affordable than in the other major Australian cities. Australian beaches are always a plus, providing residents with some fun and relaxing time, and this is exactly what you will find in Adelaide.

4. Hobart

In the lovely city of Hobart, you will find an affordable and explore-worthy destination where you can spend your student years without having to worry about finances as much as you would in the larger cities like Sydney or Melbourne. However, the city you choose to reside in largely depends on your choice of university. But if you find your university to be in close proximity to the city of Hobart, then opting to live here might just be a wise choice. Hobart is different from the other major Australian cities in that things happen at a “slower pace” here. But, if your go-to is a place where you can focus and block out distractions, Hobart might just be it!

5. Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the top student cities according to the QS Best Student Cities rankings. The living costs, although not the lowest, are lower than in the other major cities in Australia. As the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland, there is a lot you could do here. Besides pursuing your qualification in one of the universities in the area, you will find yourself enjoying the entertainment opportunities that this city has to offer. Public transport is also pretty comprehensive here, so whether you decide to live in the center or suburbs, getting around as a student will most likely not be a problem in Brisbane.

6. Newcastle

In Newcastle, you will also get to enjoy a “slower-paced” lifestyle. However, being only around 2 hours away from the city of Sydney, the vibrant lifestyle is pretty close. However, this does not mean there is nothing to do in Newcastle. Besides being more affordable, this city also has many opportunities through which you will get to relax, socialize, and simply explore the pretty nature and beaches. Newcastle is becoming more popular by the day. There is just so much to and enjoy in Newcastle, from drinking a good cup of coffee to going out for a hike, this place is definitely worthy!

On a final note, we must accept that Australia is not generally affordable to live in. However, there are pretty cities in the land Down Under that are worthy and budget-friendly destinations for international students or tourists. If your purpose is to study in Australia, no matter which city you decide to reside in, there are always cheaper options of accommodation in Australia, such as living in the dormitories, getting a shared apartment, or even opting for the suburbs instead of the city centre. Whatever the case is, the quality education, lovely culture, as well as the whole study experience in Australia will definitely be worth your expenditures!

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