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Cheapest Courses for International Students in Australia (2023)

Studying in Australia is a rewarding and exciting experience for international students. However, it can sometimes be difficult to do so without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are many cheap Australian universities and higher education institutions that offer affordable courses for international students. 

If you’re searching for the cheapest university or searching for the cheapest courses for international students in Australia, read further to find out our picks.

Here are some of the cheapest courses for international students in Australia:

Australian Catholic University

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is among the best catholic universities worldwide. This university offers some of the cheapest courses in Australia, ranging from education studies to science. ACU also offers various student services that help you navigate studying abroad.

Here are some of the most affordable courses you can find here:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Biomedical Science$25,568
Bachelor of Education$25,568
Bachelor of International Development Studies$25,568
Bachelor of Psychological Science$25,568
Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Philosophy$23,400
Bachelor of Youth Work$25,568
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration$16,160
Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership$12,784
Graduate Diploma in Health Administration$25,320
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology$25,320
Master of Health Administration$25,320
Master of Public Health$25,320

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is one of the best Australian universities for graduate employment and offers flexible learning options for its students. With various industry partnerships to facilitate work experiences and a vibrant student life, there is much more to this university than its affordable tuition fees. 

Some of the cheapest courses for international students in Australia at this university include:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Arts (with specialisations) $21,280
Bachelor of Criminal Justice$24,880
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)$24,640
Bachelor of Policing and Public Safety$23,680
Bachelor of Theology$21,680
Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies$21,680
Graduate Diploma of Professional Information Technology$21,680
Master of Arts (Theological Studies)$21,680
Master of Ministry$21,680
Master of Theology$21,680

Federation University Australia

As a dual-sector university, Federation University Australia is a great choice for students looking for TAFE certificates, the cheapest diploma courses in Australia, or other affordable study options. 

This university offers more than 300 courses and programs for you to choose from, some of the cheapest being:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Arts$22,200
Bachelor of Community and Human Services$24,800
Bachelor of Criminal Justice Management$24,800
Bachelor of Human Services and Entrepreneurship$24,800
Graduate Certificate in Applied Cyber Security$13,450
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies$13,400
Graduate Certificate in Health (Health Services Management)$11,500
Graduate Certificate in Health (Workplace Health & Safety)$11,500
Graduate Certificate in Public Health$11,500
Graduate Certificate in Social & Community Services$13,300
Graduate Diploma of Mining$22,200

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is another excellent university that offers affordable courses for international students in Australia. Here you can find a variety of courses ranging from pathway programs, undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates, and other postgraduate programs.

Some of the most affordable are:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Graduate Certificate in Accounting$15,200
Graduate Certificate in Business$15,200
Graduate Certificate of Business in Global Hotel Leadership$13,600

The University of Divinity

The University of Divinity is a collegiate Australian university that offers programs based on Christian theological traditions. This university offers personalised support and guidance in an inclusive environment of students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 

Some of the cheaper study programs this university offers are:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Advanced Diploma in Philosophy$14,888
Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry$14,888
Bachelor of Counselling$14,888
Diploma in Ministry$14,888
Diploma in Theology$14,888
Graduate Certificate in Leadership$8,646
Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology$8,646
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Meditation$8,646
Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity$7,444

The University of Southern Queensland

Based in Toowoomba, the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) is an ideal institution where international students can experience the best that Australia has to offer. With over 700 specialised professional courses and more than 140 degrees, there are plenty of opportunities for students to find cheap courses. 

Some of them include:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Arts$18,750
Bachelor of Aviation (Aviation Management)$18,360
Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations)$18,360
Bachelor of Business$18,360
Bachelor of Communication and Media (Digital Media)$18,360
Bachelor of Early Childhood$17,980
Bachelor of Information Technology$20,165
Bachelor of Science$23,774
Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology (Surveying)$24,100
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours)$24,100

University of New England

Since 1938, the University of New England (UNE) has been shaping Australian education by being one of the largest providers of online education in the country. With more than 200 undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher-degree research courses available, it is safe to say there is plenty to choose from. 

Some cost-effective study options at UNE are listed below:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Advanced Diploma in Arts$26,880
Advanced Diploma in Local, Family, and Applied History$26,880
Associate Degree in Teaching (Pacific Focus)$24,080
Bachelor of Arts$26,880
Bachelor of Educational Studies$26,880
Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice$26,880
Bachelor of Media and Communications$26,880
Master of Arts$26,880
Master of Education$26,880
Master of Theatre and Performance26,880

University of the Sunshine Coast

As a young university focused on hands-on learning, practical skills, and sustainable practices, the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) offers the quintessential Australian educational experience. UniSC offers flexible study options with a mix of in-person seminars and interactive online materials. And the cherry on top, its courses are quite affordable compared to other Australian universities. 

Here are some of them:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)$24,400
Bachelor of Creative Writing$24,400
Bachelor of Design and Marketing$24,400
Bachelor of Journalism$24,400
Bachelor of Property Economics and Development$24,400
Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning$24,400
Bachelor of Social Science$24,400
Bachelor of Urban Design and Town Planning (Honours)$24,400
Diploma in Business$22,900
Diploma in Business Innovation$22,900
Diploma in Communication $22,900
Diploma in Criminology and Justice$22,900
Diploma in General Studies$22,900
Diploma in Social Sciences$22,900
Diploma in Sport and Fitness$22,900
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration$13,900
Graduate Certificate in Business Research$13,900
Graduate Certificate in Education$13,900
Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Ecology$11,500
Undergraduate Certificate in General Studies$22,900

Western Sydney University

Last but not least, Western Sydney University is another cheaper higher education institution for international students in Australia. This university offers a dynamic student life and countless facilities and resources for its students. 

Some of the cheapest study programs available here include:

CourseAnnual tuition fee
Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice$27,552
Bachelor of International Studies Major*: International Relations and Asian Studies$27,552
Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics$27,552
Graduate Certificate in Big Data$17,472
Graduate Certificate in Data Science$17,472
Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management) (exit only)$14,868
Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian and Development Studies $14,744
Graduate Certificate in Information and Communications Technology$17,472
Graduate Certificate in Property Investment$16,676
Graduate Certificate in Start Up Scale Up$16,676

Studying in a diverse place such as Australia means you will expand your worldview, you will appreciate new beautiful scenery, and you will learn from some of the world’s best educational institutions. But, doing so doesn’t have to be so expensive. With the degrees and universities listed above, as well as by checking out scholarship opportunities in Australia, you will be able to save on tuition fees without having to lose out on quality education.

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