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Best Universities for Computer Science in Australia

Australia has one of the most well-known education systems in the world, where students have access to more than 750 courses. Apart from the available scholarships that you can earn according to your academic achievement, Australian universities allow students to work for a certain number of hours to cover basic living expenses.

Among the many benefits of studying computer science in Australia, the numerous alternatives of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to choose from are an excellent advantage. Computer science and engineering are included in the students’ favorite courses to take in Australia. While studying computer science, students develop skills and gain experience in the field, which they later put into practice and become part of the competitive and rewarding computing future. 

Here are some of the best universities for Computer Science in Australia:

1. University of Technology Sydney

The teaching method preferred at the University of Technology Sydney is slightly different from other universities in the area of computer science. Their approach focuses mainly on preparing students for the industry, considering the amount of information they have regarding the skills required from the students in the real world. The University of Technology Sydney attempts to combine theory and practice and equally incorporate it in the studies for a more successful outcome. Students interested in studying Computer Science at this university can enroll in numerous Bachelor’s programs such as Bachelor of Computing Science (Honors), Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, to name a few. Additionally, they offer Master’s Degrees as well in Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

2. University of Melbourne

Like numerous other university degrees, owning the reputation as the number one university for computer science comes as no surprise to future students. Through the University of Melbourne, the students will have direct access to professional tutoring and internships and achieve excellence when practicing their profession. After finishing a three-year Bachelor Degree in either Bachelor of Science or Design, you can choose to continue your studies by taking a major in one of the three disciplines offered. Computer Science degrees offered at the University of Melbourne include Bachelor of Science with the possibility of extension, Bachelor of Design, plus more advanced degrees worth mentioning, Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Computer Science, Diploma in Computing, Graduate Diploma in Data Science as the most popular. 

3. University of Sydney

Listed as the third university in Australia for computer science, the University of Sydney offers this field as a major, where students enjoy an outstanding learning experience. The field of Computer Science at this university represents the essential techniques and the research skills needed to pursue the field. Considering math is closely related to the computer world, classes include mathematical subjects where coding skills are the main goal. An honors program is available for students who show great results in the four-year bachelor program, which counts as bonus academic work with a one-year continuance. Undergraduate courses consist of Bachelor of Advanced Computing, Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Commerce, Bachelor of Science, along with Master of Data Science, Health Technology Innovation, Master of Information Technology as some of the postgraduate courses. 

4. University of New South Wales

Considering the fast pace of technology development, the UNSW believes in perfecting the computer system more and more every day. The University of New South Wales holds a reputation for having a high employability rate after graduation because of its connections with famous alumni and cooperations. Undergraduates are required to complete a bachelor thesis as part of their degree. What makes the University of New South Wales stand out is the number of possibilities they give to first-year students for encouraging them to decide on a final area of study. Excluding the ‘flexible first year’ which was mentioned before, the UNSW offers degrees in Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Aerospace Engineering), and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) as some of the most notable degrees.

5. Australian National University

Studying at Australian National University is a great choice for your future career as well as your social life, which is an important part of your university experience. The academic staff, the students, and the outside network collaborate to create a welcoming environment at this university. They operate around the idea of tackling challenges in the most innovative methods and expect the students to have the same mindset by the time they graduate.

The degrees offered at this university focus on seeing far into the future and the industry that the demands of the industry will be after a few years. Some mentionable degrees would be Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours), Bachelor of Advanced Computing (R&D) (Honours), and Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics. The university also offers Graduate Certificate of Applied Data Analytics, Graduate Certificate of Data Engineering, Graduate Certificate of Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Graduate Certificate of Systems Engineering, which are part of the master’s programs.

6. University of Adelaide 

Most of the students who have graduated from the University of Adelaide have later secured jobs and internships in companies recognized worldwide, such as Google, Atlassian, and Microsoft. As an undergraduate student at the university, you will be introduced to multiple successful researchers and own the opportunity to get involved in various networking events. Computer science courses that students can study in second and third years include Bachelor of Computer Science in beginner and advanced levels, Bachelor of Information Technology, Mathematical and Computer Science, Bachelor of Technology, and lastly a Bachelor of Engineering. Moreover, specialized areas include a Diploma in Technology and Honours Degrees in the aforementioned fields. 

7. University of Queensland Australia

After going through several Australian Universities in the field of Computer Science, it is noticeable that technology goes through continuous improvement. With that in mind, through the three-year bachelor program, the University of Queensland attempts to teach students the proper way of keeping up with the new systems and equip them with the needed skills to delve deeper into the field. This university’s options are Cyber Security, Data Science, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, and Scientific Computing. To add to the appeal of the University of Queensland, there is nothing you can’t do in the city of Brisbane, where it is situated. The culture, food, and attractions the city offers will convince you to enroll in one of the programs of the University of Queensland and discover more about university life.

8. RMIT University

According to certain research, 100% of the RMIT University graduates have had a successful career because they took the course in computer science. They also claim to have gained employment as some of the most skillful programmers and can maintain very obscure software applications. If you are someone who learns through activities and hands-on experiences, then RMIT University is the right choice. The teaching method includes lectures, workshops, seminars, and a chance to work in a syndicate part-time. Computer science at RMIT consists of different specializations, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, mobile computing, application development, security, and web systems. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Worth mentioning are Bachelor of Computer Science, Data Science, and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Network Engineering).

9. Monash University

In an environment where cooperation between each other is greatly valued, Monash University will teach you how to implement the skills earned at the university in the real-life world and do so accurately and efficiently. With the option of elective courses, the students will have the opportunity to explore their interests further or even get a double degree which will help with additional qualifications. At Monash University, double degrees are also available. You can couple computer science with either of the four following courses: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Laws (Honours), and Bachelor of Science.

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