An Insiders Guide to Studying Abroad in Australia

Studying in Australia

Why Australia

Best Universities in Australia

Many Australian universities are found at the world’s top universities according to several relevant rankings. Their reputation is built upon global higher education standards, variety of study programs, research-oriented degree courses, cutting-edge facilities, award-winning professorship, global recognition and excellent future prospects among others.

Not surprisingly, Australia is claimed among five most popular study destinations in the world. Current enrolment data, show that Australian universities have already exceeded 400,000 international students.

There is a wide selection for students who want to study abroad in Australia, but only a few universities sit among global leaders. It takes a detailed revision of different indicators to list the best universities in Australia.

Here are the top universities in Australia:

University of Sydney

With a long and rich tradition spanning over 160 years, the University of Sydney regularly makes into the top of many relevant global university rankings. Students choosing to study here have the chance to choose from a wide variety of study programs to eventually match with their personal academic choices. In addition, study programs maintain a strong sense of practicality in order for students to gain specific skills to succeed in their professional careers. Their academic development is supported from a team of leading academics. University of Sydney is worldwide reputed and this a guarantee students have plenty of different career pathways to take on afterwards.

Global ranking: Top 50.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales.

Foundation year: 1852.

Available courses: Around 700.

Application deadlines: February and July.

International students: Around 13,000 or 25%.

Popular degrees: Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Science.

Average annual fees: A$20,000 to A$50,000.

University of Melbourne

It is for sure then whenever you check global university rankings, there will be the name of the University of Melbourne in top. Since the day they were founded in 1859 the University of Melbourne gave a massive contribution in changing lives for the better. It has produced skilled and trained individuals who went to become leading professionals in their stud field.

International students are offered a wide range of degree courses from almost every kind of study area. The University of Melbourne might especially be a great deal for those who want to study medical sciences, business and economics which are among popular degrees of this university. Their graduates’ employability rate is the sixth highest in the world.

Global ranking: Top 50.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

Foundation year: 1859.

Available courses: Around 400.

Application deadlines: May and December.

International students: 24,000 or 42%.

Popular degrees: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Business and Economics and Arts.

Average annual fees: $AUD20,000 to $AUD90,000.

University of Adelaide

Home to over 21,100 students including around 7,800 coming from abroad, the University of Adelaide is a major attraction in the global education market. What it ranks this university among the best in Australia and worldwide is their global reputation, the variety of available courses, leading academics and diverse student body.

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.

Foundation year: 1876.

Available courses: Around 400.

Application deadlines: December (for most degree courses).

International students: 7,800 or 36%.

Popular degrees: Health and Medical Sciences, Engineering, Computer and Maths Sciences and Arts.

Average annual fees: $AUD20,000 to $AUD40,000

Australian National University

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Foundation year: 1946.

Available courses: Around 400.

Application deadline: January.

International students: 10,600 or 40%.

Popular degrees: Business and Economics, Engineering and Life Sciences.

Average annual fees: $AUD 24,000 to $AUD 41,000.

University of Western Australia

Located in the capital city of Australia (Canberra), the University of Western Australia enjoys a reputation as one of the highest ranked universities in Australia. Six Nobel Laureates have once studied at this university.

The University of Western Australia offers a wide range of degree courses with Arts, Business, Law and Education being the most popular study areas. Students here are offered a unique international study experience as their host over 8,000 foreign students.

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Perth, Western Australia.

Foundation year: 1911.

Available courses: Around 280.

Application deadlines: December and July.

International students: 8,000 or 32%.

Popular degrees: Arts, Business, Law and Education.

Average annual fees: $AUD36,000 to $AUD78,000.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland performs high in global rankings and for years on has been found on Top 100 world’s universities. There are around 300 available courses from a broad array of subjects including Agriculture and Environment, Engineering and Computing, Architecture and Planning, Health and Behavioural Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Business and Economics, Medicine, Education and Science and Mathematics.

The University of Queensland counts over 18,000 international students from 134 countries of the world which compare to the total student population share a proportion of more than 30%. According to enrolment data and relevant university rankings the most popular degree courses for these students at the University of Queensland are Business, Engineering and Law.

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland.

Foundation year: 1909.

Available courses: Around 300.

Application deadlines: March and October.

International students: 18,000 or 32%.

Popular degrees: Business, Engineering and Law.

Average annual fees: $AUD26,000.

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales scores high in various aspects including the variety of available degree courses, modern facilities and for its unique international outlook. Current enrollment data show that around 15,000 international students are following their education dream at this university and many others will join them in the near future. Business, Engineering and Science degree courses make the list of three most popular degrees offered at the University of New South Wales.

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Kensington, New South Wales.

Foundation year: 1949.

Available courses: Over 200.

Application deadlines: March and July.

International students: 14,600 or 28%.

Popular degrees: Business, Engineering and Science.

Average annual fees: $AUD35,000 to $AUD50,000.

Monash University

Monash University is not as old as universities listed above but when it comes to quality and reputation it ranks among the best. There is a variety of study programs taught here. For those who aim to be successful in Engineering and Technology, Education and Pharmacy as well, Monash University is surely the place to be. These study programs count the highest number of enrolled students and the reasons are apparent. Monash University promotes an innovative and modern approach toward teaching and research which is embodied in study curriculum.

Students spend almost the same time practicing their knowledge as they do in lecture hours.

Due to their global reputation, the majority of graduates at Monash successfully proceed with their individual careers.

Global ranking: Top 100.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria.

Foundation year: 1958.

Available courses: over 400.

Application deadlines: April and November.

International students: 22,800 or 29%.

Popular degrees: Engineering and Technology, Education and Pharmacy.

Average annual fees: A$14,000 to A$40,000.

University of Newcastle

The middle of the past century saw the foundation of the University of Newcastle which soon climbed among the best in Australia. Its global reputation has been the main driver for their international enrolment to increase rapidly in recent years. Over 7,000 students or around 27% of the total student population at the University of Newcastle are international students. Higher rate of graduates employability and relatively affordable tuition fees are among reasons students want to study at the University of Newcastle.

Global ranking: Top 150.

Location: Callaghan, New South Wales.

Foundation year: 1951.

Available courses: Around 200.

Application deadline: September.

International students: 7,100 or 27%.

Popular degrees: Education and Arts, Health and Medicine and Business and Law.

Average annual fees: A$26,000 to A$37,000.